Friday, March 17, 2017

Lecture room “Crvena sala” (br 100)

09:00-09:15 Registration of participants

Lecture room “Crvena sala” (br 100)

9:15-9:30 Opening & Introduction to the Masterclass – (dr Ivan Mančev, dr Predrag Milenović, dr Ljubiša Nešić, dr Dragoljub Dimitrijević)

9:30-10:00 The Physics of Forces and Particles – (dr Marina Marinković)

10:00-10:20 The Large Hadron Collider and its Experiments – (dr Jelena Jovićević)

Faculty hall

10:20-10:40 Break

Lecture room “Crvena sala” (br 100)

10:40-11:30 Virtual Visit to one of the LHC Experiments – (dr Dragoslav Lazić, meng Nebojša Smiljković, dr Goran Djordjević)

11:30-11:55 Primordial Nucleosynthesis (dr Dragoljub Dimitrijević)

11:55-12:20 Stellar Nucleosynthesis (msc Milan Milošević)

Faculty hall

12:20-13:20 Snacks and Refreshments

Computing room

13:20-15:25 Hands-On: Identifying Particles at Colliders

13:20-13:40 Tutorial on Exercises – (dr Snežana Nektarijević)

13:40-15:10 Hands-On Exercises (with help of M. Milošević, J. Aleksić, D. Delibašić, S. Nektarijević, L. Živković, J. Jovićević, M. Stojanović)

15:10-15:25 Collection of Results

Faculty hall

15:25-15:45 Break

Lecture room “Crvena sala” (br 100)

15:45-16:00 Discussion of Results

16:00-17:00 Combining results in Video Conference with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

17:00-17:15 Closing