Predavanje o elementarnim česticama

U ponedeljak, 25. februara, na Prirodno-matematičkom fakultetu biće održano predavanje

Elementary Particle Physics
Journey to the Innards of Our Universe

Predavač će biti dr Maciej Trzebiński (Institut za nuklearnu fiziku, Poljska akademija nauka, Krakov). Predavanje počinje u 17:00 h u amfiteatru PMF-a. Predavanje je na engleskom jeziku, ulaz je slobodan.

Abstract: During the seminar we will briefly discuss the most fundamental questions: what is the Universe made of?, what are the rules guiding its evolution?, what are its origins?, and what is its destiny? Our journey will start from a brief description of tools used for such studies: particle accelerators and detectors. On example of the Higgs boson discovery, I will explain how new particles can be observed. Then, I will sum up our current best knowledge about the most basic structure of Universe. Finally, I will list some, still unanswered, questions.