Internacionalna konferencija studenata fizike (ICPS)

Informacija za studente:

Every year at the International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) about 500 students from all over the world come together. For one week they attend lectures by top-class researchers, visit scientific institutions and – most importantly – get to know other physics enthusiasts from different countries and cultures. Being a conference completely organised by physics students, the ICPS offers a fantastic atmosphere for an international get-together.

This year the ICPS will be held in Cologne, Germany from August 10th to 17th. Cologne is not only known for its cathedral and its very warmhearted people. It is also one of the oldest German university cities and used to be one of the largest cities of Europe during the medieval age. It was there were Georg Simon Ohm discovered the electrical resistance which gave birth to the modern world of electronics.

The scientific program features lectures by students and invited speakers, poster sessions, workshops and lab tours to both the universities of Cologne and Bonn. On excursions you can visit scientific institutions – such as the Research Center Jülich – and companies, but also explore Germany and its culture. Additionally, you will have many opportunities to get in contact with physics students from different countries and be able to exchange your experiences and knowledge. Highlights of the conference are the one-day trip to Bonn, the former capital of Germany, a boat trip on the Rhine and lectures of Nobel laureate Klaus von Klitzing about the redefinition of our unit system and of the director of the European Space Agency (ESA), Jan Wörner.

Thanks to several supporters the participation fee for the conference amounts to 230 €, covering the full program including all meals and accommodation for the week. For more information and registration please visit The registration lasts until 15th of April. We are very happy

to announce that several scholarships covering the full conference fee and travel expenses are available for European – and especially Eastern European – participants. An overview over these travel grants can be found here: