SEENET-MTP onlajn seminar (2)

Drugo predavanje u okviru SEENET-MTP online seminara biće održano u sredu 16. februara od 17:00 h putem Zum platforme.

Predavač će biti Ignatios Antoniadis (LPTHE, Sorbonne Université) a tema predavanja je

Challenges in particle physics and cosmology

Abstract: Particle physics studies the elementary constituents of matter and their fundamental forces. Very short distances are explored by particle collisions at very high energies, creating conditions similar to those governing the Universe just after the Big Bang. This is the reason that the same physics is also explored by cosmology through observations on the sky at very large distances. The current theory of particle physics, called Standard Model, provides an accurate description of all known physical phenomena in the microcosmos. On the other hand, the Standard Model of cosmology describes very well observations, confirmed recently by the Planck satellite experiments, pointing to the existence of a new dark sector of the Universe containing dark matter and dark energy. I will discuss the problem of scale hierarchies in particle physics and cosmology and propose ways to address it. In particular I will present a framework of obtaining inflation from supersymmetry breaking by identifying the inflaton with the superpartner of the goldstino and will describe its phenomenological consequences.

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